Sun glasses

To us great design is about being honest. We don’t see a need to beautify what’s already there. There’s no need to exaggerate. Instead we see power in reduction — letting raw materials and minimalist choices speak for themselves. Creating products where nothing is left to chance. Sometimes, capturing one single idea and finding the clearest possible way to express it is enough. Doing more by doing less and doing it one hundred percent correctly.

That kind of honesty in design is timeless. Just like our frames.




ACETATE 16 is based on a clear reference back in time. The square shape, inspired by the 60’s, is characterised by a strong upper rim, giving ACETATE 16 its striking look. The volume of the frame is chosen to let the patterns and colours of the acetate come forth — both in the solid black or blue colours and in the tortoise models. A sleek and highly distinctive sun version will also be available.


ACETATE 15 is a frame characterised by its lifted and modern expression. The rectangular frame is accompanied by a keyhole bridge and a high B-dimension, creating a distinctive look. As always the trademark attention to detail goes across the entire concept. This is not only seen in the choice of colour that includes a tortoise, deep blue, transparent, dark brown or jet black sun, but also in the tinfoil firefly engraved in the exclusive acetate.


Raw attitude and bold design choices: ACETATE 14 is here. The cat eye shape, broad end pieces and material volume creates a frame that is daring, expressive and closely inspired by biker culture. A modern choice that speaks for itself. It’s available in black, tortoise, red and light brown — and of course a sun version. Whoever wears ACETATE 14 will feel the edge and style instantly.


Stylish, distinctive and a testament to the diversity of acetate: This is ACETATE 10. It is characterised by a round shape, highly voluminous temples and end pieces — a new take on a classic shape. 


Stylish, distinctive and a testament to the diversity of acetate: This is ACETATE 10. It is characterised by a round shape, highly voluminous temples and end pieces — a new take on a classic shape. ACETATE 10 will be available in a broad range of colours and patterns; a modern gum, tortoise, smoky transparent, dark green, two different sun frames and much more. The 10L has a larger fit, making the appeal as broad as possible.


Our two new ACETATE frames are as bold and distinct as you would expect — and yet so much more. Where the 07 L is a larger follow-up on the bestselling shape from our January launch, the 09 is an entirely new shape in a chunky square design.

All of the frames are made entirely from prime Japanese acetates that provide distinct patterns — and even a new deep red color. As usual, you’ll be able to truly feel the quality of the frame due to the materials richness, just like you’ll enjoy the custom details in the end-tips. new frames that truly encompass the Kilsgaard design DNA.


We’re introducing a concept based on bold designs that highlight the exclusivity of the prime materials. Designs where a few conscious choices and even minor details throughout make all the difference. It’s not about overdoing it. On the contrary, it’s about crafting a shape that lets the material stand out in it’s own right. Bold in both shape and ambition — we’re introducing ACETATE 01—08.


ALUMINUM comes in different variations of earthy tones. The matte aluminum fronts are anodised to achieve a deep and highly durable colour with a sleek, matte surface.


A series of sharply defined shapes — staying true to what just works. This collection derives from the essence of the Kilsgaard DNA and caters to the everlasting need for timeless high quality frames.