The Kilsgaard aluminum collection combines the passionate work of people in Denmark and Italy.
An uncompromising quality of Danish design and good old-fashioned Italian craftsmanship.

3 Step production:

CNC milled in Italy

Color anodised in Denmark – everlasting exceptional quality
Meticulously assembled in Italy.

We hope you will be pleased.

With love and respect

Model 95.4/2

Kilsgaard Eyewear embodies simplicity. The idea is to create a contemporary, elegant design that both compliments and reinforces the style of the wearer. We keep our gaze ahead of the trends – watch how they evolve – but stay grounded in the classic designs that have outlasted decades.

Model 94.1/25

We’re not here to revolutionise the world of eyewear. We’re here to re-introduce, in our own package, what’s proven to work: minimalist aluminum. Good design has the strength to be simple. That’s why we’ve designed logical spectacle frames that are reliable and insist on elegant tech solutions.

Model 85.1

One screw fastens hinges and rim-lock, and all frames are 100% aluminum—some combined with the finest acetate money can buy—light as a feather and strong as steel.

Model 84.7

The frames are designed in Denmark, produced in Italy, returned home to Denmark to be color-anodised, and shipped back to Italy for final assembly; an expensive but necessary process to maintain the high quality we demand. Anodising is a chemical process that colors and tempers the metal, making it impossible for the paint to peel.

Model 85.3